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 Aerobics +                           Women's                        Gym for All                             KinderGym                             Trampoline                        Men's                       Rhythmic
 AeroSchools                        8-9th July                         8-9th July                                  9th July                                   +DMT                            23rd Sept                 Sept 2017
 24-25th June                    Tea Tree Gully                     GSA                                        Seacliff                                     23rd  July                         GSA                            TBA                      
 Seacliff + GSA                                                                                                                                                                 Blackwood                                                 

Following on from the Summer Congress Workshops in January, GSA has again decided to change-up the Coaches  Congress program format from previous years. This year, Coaches Congress is now on a few separate dates and the programs are compact schedules to meet the busy needs of Clubs, Coaches and GymSport Committees.

Options- To register for Congress, click on your preferred GymSport icon, view the program and click on the link to REGISTER ONLINE. See below.
Each program will have a flat fee for full-day attendance. And, if you want to come to several GymSport congresses, you can book into a second date.  A two day fee options will be applied. 

Payment- To assist clubs, GSA will invoice clubs and/or individual coaches upon registration.  All Clubs should send through a list of Coaches (by 2nd July) that have been pre-approved by the club , for payment. Coaches can advise of club payment option in the registration form. Payment for Congress needs to be made within the usual GSA payment General Terms & Conditions (14 days)  listed in the invoice email.  Beginner Coaches can attend for a 50% reduced fee but must be a current Technical Member. 

Athletes- While this is a coach education congress it is necessary to have athletes attend the conference with their coaches to demonstrate for the presenter and assist you as a coach when an opportunity for hands on practical learning is provided. Please nominate your attending athletes when registering. Max 4 per club. 

Updating- Each session will be given 1 UPD point as per the  GA Updating Policy.

Survey Feedback- Your feedback is really important to us, so please take a few minutes to register your information  at the conclusion of congress 
(via emailed online survey).  If you do not receive an email, please let us know.  

For any queries about Winter Congress, please contact GSA Education or via email: Education@gymsa.com.au
Register NOW... and see you there! Samantha