Gymnastics South Australia (GSA) is committed to promoting and protecting the interests, safety and well being of all children and young people. Everyone involved with Gymnastics SA, its affiliated clubs, committees and activities are responsible for the care and protection of children under 18 years of age. This includes reporting information about any form of suspected child abuse to the relevant authority or agency. Furthermore GSA and the Board of Management declare that a Child Safe Environments Compliance Statement was lodged to meet the requirements of the Children's protection Act 1993

How to register for a Department of Communities & Social Inclusion 'DCSI' application with Gymnastics SA

If you currently do not have a working with children check {or DCSI-Child Related Employment Check} you will now be able to start your application via Gym SA.  Gymnastics SA is the Registered Organisation with the DCSI Screening Unit.Please note that in 2018 only the DCSI CHECK will be applicable for all Clubs and it staff {paid, unpaid, volunteers and committee members}.

 To start an application please complete the initial JOT form. CLICK HERE

Once the JOT form is completed  GSA can initiate your application with the Screening unit (allow up to 7 days). 

  • You will receive an email from the DCSI Screening Unit with a link to commence your online application.
  • Each applicant will need to pay for their DCSI check unless otherwise arranged with their club.
  • Once you have received your certificate in the post, please take this to your club to have this documented.

There are three (3) ID verification options:

Option 1: If you have the correct photo documentation and I.D you can have your ID verified online.  OR,

Option 2: If you currently do not have the  necessary ID to verify online, you can  select to have your ID verified by the “Registered Organisation”[GSA] and bring your ID to GSA at your earliest convenience.

Option 3: Is for staff members {paid, unpaid, volunteers and staff} under 18 years.

If you or your club would like further information regarding the Screening Unit please go to:

Gymnastics SA would like to ensure the community that each of our affiliate clubs has trained staff in the area of Child Safety and Child Safe Environments. It is an affiliation requirement that our clubs each have a registered Child Safety Officer.
If you would like to complete a Child Safety online course or become a Child Safety Officer please visit the "Play by the Rules Website" to start your free online training. The office for Recreation & Sport (ORS) runs free Child Safe Officers Courses throughout the year.

 For further information go to: