New Member Clubs

Club Affiliation 

Club Affiliation refers to the process of becoming a member club of the State Association. This process occurs annually and clubs are required to comply with National Affiliation Requirements.

There are two different types of Club Affiliation:

  • New Affiliation: this refers to new clubs affiliating with the State Association for the first time
  • Affiliation Renewal: this refers to a current club renewing their affiliation with the State Association

Accordingly there are two different Club Affiliation forms that correspond with these categories

Affiliation with Gymnastics South Australia (GSA) is now a standardised process for all clubs:

1. Read through Affiliation requirements and discuss with GSA if you need support to meet these standards.
2. Provide initial information about the club to GSA (see below questions)
3. Receive an email from GSA with an affiliation form attached, once the above is completed. 
4. Complete as much of the affiliation form as possible; where items do not apply please put N/A.
5. GSA Club Development personnel to visit venue and meet with Club.
6. GSA Operations Manager makes recommendation to the CEO and GSA Board on the club’s affiliation for approval. 
7. If a club is successful the club will be notified and the club will be invoiced for the affiliation fee.