Profile Test

23rd April 2016

The very first WAG
Junior Talent Academy (JTA) Profile Testing session, was held recently at the South Australian State Training Centre. Attending the session were 30 athletes and 9 coaches from YMCA Glengowrie, Saints Gym Club, Seymour College Gymnastics and Gym-JETS.

Commencing from 2016, the Gymnastics SA High Performance Program (Gym-JETS) have introduced the JTA as a FREE program designed to support clubs and coaches in developing quality athletes. It is also used as a means to identify athletes suitable for an International Levels Pathway. The Gym-JETS Coaching Team believes in building gymnastics culture. By sharing their coaching philosophy, knowledge and experience with the wider South Australian gymnastics community, we can work together across all levels to develop higher standard athletes. The main focus of the JTA is to develop physical abilities as a key foundation to promote higher quality, healthy and injury-free participation in gymnastics.

During the session athletes participated in 18 exercises across five key areas, leg strength, core strength, arm strength handstands and flexibility. The exercises within these areas tested a variety of physical capacities (i.e., strength, speed, power, endurance, technique and range of motion). Clubs have received Overall Results for the Testing Session as well as Personal Physical Profiles for each athlete.

Outstanding results were achieved by the following athletes in each age group:

6 Year Olds

1st Place: Ava Abnett (Saints Gym Club)

2nd Place: Leila Morelli (Seymour College Gymnastics)


7 Year Olds

1st Place: Sophie Leo (Gym-JETS/ Seymour College Gymnastics)

2nd Place: Mia Slater (Gym-JETS/ Aerial Gymnastics Club)

3rd Place: Maggie Madigan (Saints Gym Club)


8 Year Olds

1st Place: Sienna Nesci (Gym-JETS/ Gym-West)

2nd Place: Suzi Kourlas (YMCA Glengowrie)

3rd Place:  Chante Mclean (YMCA Glengowrie)


9 Year Olds

1st Place:  Lucy Kitching (Gym-JETS/ Saints Gym Club)

2nd Place: Poppy Lawrance (Saints Gym Club) 

3rd Place:  Jade Ramfos (Saints Gym Club)  


Special acknowledgments to the overall winners for the profile test are:

 1st Sienna Nesci (Gym-JETS/ Gym-West) 83.2%

 2nd Lucy Kitching (Gym-JETS/ Saints Gym Club) 77.9%

 3rd Suzi Kourlas (YMCA Glengowrie) 55.3%


After each profile testing session the TOP 32 athletes and their coaches will be invited back for a FREE training clinic.  The next clinic is scheduled for Sunday 3rd July, invitations will be sent in the coming weeks.

The next Profile Testing Session is scheduled for September (TBC).  These Testing Sessions are open to all clubs at no charge.  All clubs are encouraged to come along to the next JTA Physical Testing Session.


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