Gymnastics SA- Gym for All  Leadership Camp

Date: Sunday 8th October 2017

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Venue: SA Circus Centre …home of Cirkidz

Address: 27 Fifth Street, Bowden

The GSA Gymnastics for All Sports Management Committee will be conducting a Leadership Camp for those young assistants that clubs feel would benefit from this program. Clubs can decide if this program is age appropriate for their individual athlete leaders.
(10yrs+ up to athletes who are already Beginner Coaches)

This day will focus on the following:

  • Event Management Skills
  • How to engage children within your class
  • Break down skills a “Life skill”
  • Finding your “INNER LEADER”
  • Further training FOR better leadership

Learn through, fun, games and group activities.

We also hope to assist young leaders with getting started on their Beginner Course material or transition into Intermediate.
For more information and to register please read the below attachment.

2017 Leadership Camp
(Adobe PDF File)