Advanced Module 1- Spotting Logbook Workshop
Intermediate Coaches can attend this workshop to assist them towards completing the Spotting log book Assessment task.
Mentor coaches can attend the workshop to observe the session. Advanced level and higher accreditation required.

Date:        November 5th 2017
Venue:     GSA State Training Gym
Time:        9.00-1.00pm
Cost:        $35.00

Who should attend?

Intermediate WAG / MAG / TUM / GfA & ACR  coaches wanting to gain an Advanced Coach Accreditation or Participation Coach Accreditation.
Coaches will first need to enroll via the Learning Management System [LMS] in either:
  -an ADVANCED pathway and complete the online content or,
  -the PARTICIPATION pathway and complete the online course content.
You can download the Spotting Logbook and bring this to the workshop.

This workshop will help you:
-to attend the Adv. Module 1 Spring & Tumbling module
- to learn how to spot the skills in the logbook;
-with mentor contact
-work with higher level athletes ( Attending coaches will be required to bring along demonstrator athletes. This is also a Module 1 requirement: Otherwise Contact GSA)

Contact Samantha Freeman at GSA for further information- E:

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Spotting Logbook Workshop
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