2018 Gymnastics South Australia Annual Awards

The 2018 Annual Awards celebrated the outstanding achievements and contributions of our Athletes, Coaches and Volunteers throughout 2018. 

Attended by 180 members of our Gymnastics community, the event held at the Glenelg Golf Course was a fantastic evening to celebrate the year that was and look ahead to 2019.

Gymnastics South Australia Gymnast of the Year

WINNER – Chris Remkes 

Acromat Overall Club of the Year
WINNER - Adelaide Tumbling Academy

Large Club of the Year
WINNER – Gym West        
Finalists - Tea Tree Gully Gymsports, Blackwood Gymsports 

Medium Club of the Year
WINNER – Prospect & Enfield KinderGym       
Finalists - HUB Gymnastics Club, Alpha Gymnastics, Glengowrie Gymsports, Saints Gym Club, Beyond Gymnastics, Port Lincoln Gymnastics Club, Berri District Youth Club 

Small Club of the Year
WINNER - Adelaide Tumbling Academy      
Finalists - Venia Gymsports, Kangaroo Island Gymnastics, Little Leapers KinderGym, Queenstown Gymnastics, Tanjule RG Club, Kara Kara RG Club, Port Pirie Regional Gymnastics Academy

Elite Athlete of the Year
Aerobic Gymnastics – Olivia Jones  
Men’s Artistic Gymnastics – Chris Remkes   
Trampoline Gymnastics – Claire Arthur    
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics – India Colombi 

Levels Athlete of the Year
Aerobic Gymnastics - Daina Ross 
Men’s Artistic Gymnastics – Tyson Sammells  
Rhythmic Gymnastics – Faith Chin   
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics – Savannah Crompton 

Junior Athlete of the Year 

Men’s Trampoline Gymnastics – Isaac Eakin   

Women’s Trampoline Gymnastics – Kiara Hutchinson  

Gymnastics for All Active Participation Award
Port Pirie Adult Team 

Coach of the Year
Aerobic Gymnastics
WINNER – Emma Brennan, Seacliff Gymnastics

Finalists - Cassie Netz (Hub Gymnastics), Victoria March (High Impact)

Gymnastics for All 
WINNER - Lynn Martin, Gym West

Finalists - Sandy Bloy (Beyond Gymnastics), Louise Back (Alpha Gymnastics), Michael Herrmann (Berri District Youth Club)

WINNER - Karina White, Alpha Gymnastics, Prospect & Enfield KinderGym
Finalists - Tina Hutchins (Gym West), Raelene Osborn (Gym West), Angie Harpus (Torrens Valley Community KinderGym, Prospect & Enfield KinderGym), Alison Stott (Kangaroo Island Gymnastics), Laura Eustis (Little Leapers), Sian Steele (Strathalbyn KinderGym), Catherine Lyndon (Venia GymSports), Andrea Browne (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports), Toni Hayles (Glengowrie Gymsports)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastic 
WINNER – Paul Szyjko, Gymnastics South Australia High Performance Program

Finalists - Andrew Cordery (Alpha Gymnastics), Nicky Walker (Elizabeth Gymnastics Club), Mike Remkes (Gym West)

Rhythmic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Ksenia Leonova, Aelita Rhythmic Gymnastics

Finalists - Caroline Schahinger (Temerika RG Club), Chelsea White (Mitcham Rhythmic Gymnastics Club), Tanya Gibson (Kara Kara RG Club) 

Trampoline Gymnastics 
WINNER - Will Morris, Adelaide Tumbling Academy 

Finalists - Vikki Potter (Glengowrie Gymsports), Chloe Morris (Adelaide Tumbling Academy), Chris Hoare (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastic 
WINNER – Liana Crompton, Tea Tree Gully Gymsports 

Finalists - Jacque Smith (Gym West), Sandy Bloy (Beyond Gymnastics), Renee Carter (Glengowrie Gymsports), Nadene Sharp (Aerial Gymnastics), Skye Footner (Blackwood Gymnastics), Carly Fulford (Queenstown Gymnastics), Alana Bolton (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports), Sophie White (Dynamic Gymnastics), Alana Jantke (Port Lincoln Gymnastics), Meryl Davidson (Port Lincoln Gymnastics), Dylan Rogers (Blackwood Gymnastics)

Judge of the Year
Aerobic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Kate Donovan, Independent Judge 

Finalists - Emma Brennan (Seacliff Gymnastics Club), Miyo Snashall (Seacliff Gymnastics Club), Victoria March (High Impact)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Andrew Cordery, Alpha Gymnastics 

Finalists - Mike Remkes (Gym West), Paul Szyjko (Independent Judge)

Rhythmic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Erin Pankoke, Venia Gymsports 
Finalists - Tanya Gibson( Kara Kara Rhythmic Gymnastics Club), Teresa Evans (Temerika Rhythmic Gymnastics Club), Chelsea White (Mitcham Rhythmic Gymnastics Club),  Ashleigh Law (Aelita Rhythmic Gymnastics), Brittany Law (Aelita Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Trampoline Gymnastics 
WINNER – Jennifer Allison, Adelaide Tumbling Academy 

Finalists - Vikki Potter (Glengowrie Gymsports), Amy Sanders (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics 
WINNER - Meryl Davidson, Port Lincoln Gymnastics Club

Finalists - Nicola Murphy (Gym West), Renee Carter (Glengowrie Gymsports), Rhianna Pendergrast (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports), Danica Mladenovic (Independent Judge), Dee Bolton (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports), Melanie Provis (Hills Gymnastics Academy)

Volunteer of the Year
Aerobic Gymnastics
WINNER – Sharni Jones, High Impact
Finalists - Mariana Thomson (Seacliff Gymnastics), Mireille Bucher (Seacliff Gymnastics)

Gymnastics for All (including KinderGym)
WINNER - Ali Blake, Prospect & Enfield KinderGym 

Finalists - Tammy Thomson (Berri District Youth Club), David Roberts (Gym West)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Frank Banks, Saints Gym Club   
Finalists - Peter Tyler (MAG SMC), Kim Tonkin (Berri District Youth Club)

Rhythmic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Barbara Lyndon, Venia Gymsports 

Finalists - Kara Foubert (Holdfast Bay Rhythmic Gymnastics Club), Vanessa Duns (Kara Kara Rhythmic Gymnastics Club)

Trampoline Gymnastics 
WINNER – Cathy Bell, Blackwood Gymsports 

Finalists - Kerryl Ey (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports), Tracey Giles (Adelaide Tumbling Academy), Phil Tidd (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports), Chris Hoare (Tea Tree Gully Gymsports)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics 
WINNER – Alana Bolton, Tea Tree Gully Gymsports 

Finalists - Julia Clarr (Gym West), Kim Tonkin (Port Lincoln Gymnastics), Melanie Provis (Hills Gymnastics Academy), Rebecca Fletcher (Seacliff Gymnastics), Steve Miller (Dynamic Gymnastics)

Positive Coaching Award
WINNER – Sam Pinnock, Tea Tree Gully Gymsports
Finalists - Catherine Lyndon (Venia Gymsports), Laura Eustis (Little Leapers KinderGym), Sandy Bloy (Beyond Gymnastics), Alison Stott (Kangaroo Island Gymnastics Club),  Emma Murray (HUB Gymnastics), Amanda Agostinelli (Saints Gym Club), Sophie White (Dynamic Gymnastics Club), Tamas Millisan (Gym West), Nicky Walker (Elizabeth Gymnastics Club)

Inclusive Initiative of the Year  
WINNER – HUB Gymnastics Club 
Finalists - Little Leapers KinderGym, Glengowrie Gymsports, HUB Gymnastics Club, Beyond Gymnastics