Inclusion Workshop

Wednesday 18th April
1:30 - 3:30pm
GSA Training Centre

This workshop will focus on upskilling gymnastics coaches, club administrators and managers to meet the needs of working across the disability and inclusion area. This Inclusions workshop offers an overview of major disability categories including the following:

  • Sensory (Blind and Deaf)
  • Intellectual (Autism, Downs Syndrome and Brain Damage)
  • Physical (Cerebral Palsy, Wheelchair, Medial & Amputee)
  • Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety & Bipolar)

We will discuss key information about the spectrum of these categories and speak in depth around experience through sport with them.

The session is interactive where everyone can engage with one another and their experiences as well as experience what it is like to have a disability and participate in a program. We look at all angles of the gymnasts and parents experience within your gymnastics program and how best to support them and develop inclusive practices within your club.

We will look at communication techniques, incorporating adaptive equipment and rules to have the best inclusive outcomes from the theory to the practical session as well as looking at future opportunities and support mechanisms for the future development of your program and the athletes.


In the sport of gymnastics we aim to promote inclusion for all, regardless of age, ability, background or gender. Gymnastics provides opportunities for the development of physical, cognitive and social skills which are transferrable to other areas of everyday living, laying the foundation for future physical, social and sporting endeavours.

In South Australia we promote inclusion both within mainstream gymnastics clubs and special needs classes around the state. The GymAbility GymMix resource is a gymnastics based movement program available to assist in the development of inclusive gymnastics programs for gymnasts both with and without disabilities.

According to the 2012-2015 Special Olympics National Strategy there are more than 190,000 people living with an intellectual disability in Australia who are identified as able to participate in sport and leisure activities. Sadly it was highlighted that within this 190,000 there is an estimated 64% non-participation rate. At Gymnastics SA we aim to increase participation for all and develop positive partnerships with individuals, families and disability service providers in order to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities within gymnastics.

Inclusion Officer
 If you have any queries regarding inclusion in gymnastics please contact GSA at or call the GSA office on 8294 8288