• KinderGym is a play based program where young children can develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively in an environment tailored to them.
  • Children have the opportunity to develop and enhance foundation movement skills that are the platform for more complex activities.
  • The equipment is a feature at KinderGym and provides a variety of movement experiences to develop motor planning, coordination and confidence.
  • KinderGym programs provide creative group and individual activities that stimulate the imagination and curiosity.
  • Parents/carers play a pivotal role in a child’s experience at KinderGym as they share the child’s fun and achievements. The adults provide a supporting role rather that directing the child’s play. They are the child’s greatest fan and role model.
  • At KinderGym a child’s positive movement experiences can influence their outlook on physical activity and provide a strong platform for further development.

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