What is Mighty Movers?

Mighty Movers is a beginner gymnastics class designed to introduce 5-7 year old children to our sport. The Children will be able to learn and experience a variety of functional movements, specifically targeted at developing body awareness, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance. Throughout classes children will be exposed to challenges aimed at building resilience and confidence, whilst still having fun.


What is the main purpose of Mighty Movers?

The main purpose of the program is to serve as a Talent Identification Pathway for our High Performance, Junior Elite Talent Squads (Gym-JETS) Program. It is expected that most children will spend between 1-3 terms in the Mighty Movers program. This should provide adequate time for our coaches to advise the most appropriate pathway for your child. Please note this program’s primary goal is to introduce children to gymnastics and identify athletes suitable for our High Performance Program. Therefore, spaces will be prioritised for athletes with potential for a transition in the JETS program in the future


How do I get my child into a class?

Please enquire your interest by contacting the JETS administrator

JETS Administrator

Phone: 8294 8343/8294 8288

Email: Jets@gymsa.com.au

You will then book in a 1 session trial, where coaches will assess your child’s suitability for the program. There is no cost for this session and the coaches will inform you at the end of the session the suitability of your child.


Session Times (During public school term are)


  • GIRLS CLASS 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • BOYS CLASS 5:15pm – 6:15pm



  • Term enrolment $160
  • (10 weeks) paid up front
  • No registration fee
  • No make ups/refund if sessions are missed