What is Rebound Therapy? Rebound Therapy is a trampoline based therapeutic exercise and movement program developed in the UK by Eddy Anderson in 1972. The program is ideal for people with a range of special needs as it promotes balance, change in muscle tone, relaxation and sensory integration, and improves fitness and communication through movement and interaction on a trampoline. If you are interested in becoming a Rebound Therapy practitioner or would like more information about this great new course contact the Gymnastics SA Office at admin@gymsa.com.au or phone 8294 8288.

Rebound Therapy Promo Booklet


Alternately watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqSvr6RizJY

Initially the Rebound Therapy program in SA will focus upon providing therapy for participants with a disability. However, the program will also aim to  engage participants with injuries, those with health issues including obesity, the elderly and other disengaged groups who may benefit.  Rebound Therapy in Australia will be delivered as an integrated program within gymnastics, wherever possible, and  can  be  utilised as a  base level for all participants.

Practitioner Training Course

Rebound Therapy is a one day training course followed by a post course assessment.

The following people are suitable to become a trained Rebound Therapy Practitioner:  

  • Gymnasticsand Trampoline coaches with disability experience
  • Special needs teachers and assistants
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists  / Pathologists
  • Rehabilitation workers and carers
  • Any other relevant health professionals

Please note that you do  not  have to be a Trampoline Coach to become a Rebound Therapy Practitioner.   For further information about courses please contact the Gymnastics SA office on 8294 8288