Gymnastics SA offers a number of different programs for schools. Please see below for an overview of programs. If you would like more information click on the left hand side menu.

Programs are flexible and can be adapted to suit your school’s individual needs. Gymnastics SA can also cater for vacation care and special needs groups.

If you are interested in having gymnastics program at your school please send through an inquiry form:

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LaunchPad is Gymnastics Australia’s National initiative to increase sport participation in Australia.

The initiative aims to engage children aged 0-12 in fundamental movement programs that will provide children with the essential skills required to participate in a vast range of sports. LaunchPad is a foundation for future sporting endeavors and we believe it is the Nursery of Australian Sport!

What you learn? This is a general gymnastics program where the focus is on fundamental movement skills. These skills are drawn from the dominant movement patterns: statics, landing, spring, rotation, locomotion and swing. The sessions rely on safe and enjoyable activities that challenge participants relative to their abilities and stage of development.

How long does it run for? Session length with vary but a standard session is 1-1.5 hours at your school or local club.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

What is it?
Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect combination of sport and art, linking expressive dance steps with skillful manipulations of the ball, rope, ribbon, and hoop: throw, spin, spiral, roll and catch.

What do you learn? 
The rhythmic gymnastics program has a focus is on fundamental movement skills. These skills are drawn from the dominant movement patterns: statics, landing, spring, rotation, locomotion and object management. Hand apparatuses (rope, hoop, ball and ribbon) are used and have a focus on receiving, sending and handling.

This program does not require equipment. Coaches can deliver a program on carpet or a gym floor and can supply the ropes, hoops, ribbons and balls if required.

How long does it run for? Session lengths vary but a standard session is 1-1.5 hours or can be delivered following a school timetable.



What is it?
Aeroschools is a great non-equipment based gymnastics program that teachers can do within PE lessons, Dance lessons or general class time. It is a fun school based aerobic gymnastics program where students will learn an aerobics routine.

What do you learn? At the end of this program students will feel confident to perform a choreographed aerobics routine. Students will learn a range of basic aerobic movements to encourage participation and improve coordination and fitness. Students will learn fundamental movements including Statics (body tension basics, core stability, and balances), Locomotions, Rotations, Spring and Land.

How long does it run for? 4 – 7 weeks

Sporting Schools

What is it? An Australian Government initiative where primary schools can apply for funding per term for up to three (3) terms of a school year, to deliver Sporting Schools activities before, during or after school hours. Sporting Schools is all about fostering a lifelong interest in sport among Australian children. Gymnastics Australia is a partner organisation of Sporting Schools and we deliver LaunchPad as part of the Sporting Schools Program. Gymnastics Australia’s LaunchPad program caters for children of all ages and are expertly designed to cater for all stages of physical, social and cognitive development.

What do you learn?
Students will learn fundamental movement skills in a fun and safe environment. The sessions include a warm up, cool down and a circuit of activities where students will learn gymnastics based skills such as landing, jumping as well as improving their strength and flexibility. These sessions will help to improve student’s body awareness, coordination and confidence.

How long does it run for?
We provide 4 sessions in total as part of this program and generally it is run over 4 weeks. The sessions can be conducted at your school or local gymnastics club as well as at our state training facility.

High School Programs

What is it? We can offer a variety of lessons that suit the learning focus of your class. We will work with you to deliver a lesson that involves practical activities along with worksheets that tie into the theory you are focusing on in the classroom.

What do you learn?
Key topics include:

  • Exercise physiology (energy systems and acute responses to physical activity)
  • Measurement and monitoring of fitness and energy components
  • Acquisition of skill and skill learning
  • Biomechanics (types of motion & static/dynamic equilibrium)

How long does it run for? 1.5 hours at our state training facility

Gymnastics SA – State Training Centre

What is it? The State training centre is located in Morphettville and schools can bring in a class, a whole year levels or an OSHC vacation care group to our facility. Our coaches will take your group through a structured warmup, circuits and games.  Participants will have access to our foam pits, sprung floor and trampolines.

What do you learn? The session is based around the dominant movement patterns found in the LaunchPad program. Students will learn these skills on our high performance equipment which includes foam pits and trampolines. It is a great opportunity for students to see the set-up of a gymnastics facility and perform skills on specialized equipment that wouldn’t be found at school.

How long does it run for?
The length of each session can be customized to suit your group but a standard session is between 1-2hours.


GSA Schools Challenge
The GSA Schools Challenge offers school participants regardless of age or ability the opportunity to perform some of the gymnastics skills they have learnt. The Challenge is open to ALL School participants from Years 3-9 who will compete against others in their respective Year Level. Students involved in the challenge compete as a team and they showcase their skills on the vault, bars, beam, floor and mini tramp.

Date: The 2017 challenge will be held on Friday 8th of September.

Aeroschools State Championships
Students can choose a level of competition that suits them and they perform in small groups. There's no need for flashy outfits or expensive equipment, AeroSchools utilises a standard gym floor (e.g. wood) and wearing a sports uniform of shorts and t-shirt is all that's required!