GSA State Team Official's Form

Information required to complete prior to filling out your online Officials Registration Form:

1. Have submitted your State Team Official Nomination Form which can be found here.

2.  Complete the GSA State Team Acceptance Form and Pay AU$750.00 deposit

3. Scanned copy of Driver Licence, SAPOL/DCSI Check, CPR & First Aid. (if you need to apply for a SAPOL/DCSI Check click here to access the forms)

4. Have Medicare Card ready as it will be required

5. Have Technical Membership number ready for Coaches & Judges.

6. Have read the State Team Alcohol Agreement, that can be found here.

7. Have read the Communication and Use of Technology Agreement, that can be found here.

8. Have submitted your Uniform Order Form to Alexandra Freeman at - if you are requiring a uniform order form please click here.

Official's Nomination Form (Click here to complete)

(Please complete the form by TBD)