GSA State Team Athlete Form

To accept your position on the South Australian State Team, follow the steps below:

Step1: Complete the GSA State Team Acceptance Form and Pay AU$750.00 deposit

Step 2: Try on team uniform at state team meetings & complete the Uniform Order Form

Step 3: Complete Athlete State Team Form link below

Information required to be able to complete the online Athlete State Team form as below:
1. Have Medicare Card ready as it will be required
2. GA Athletes registration number (Ask your club for this number).
3. Have read the State Team Alcohol Agreement, that can be found here.
4. Have read the Communication and Use of Technology Agreement, that can be found here.
5. Have submitted your Uniform Order Form to Alexandra Freeman at if you are requiring a uniform order form please click here.

Athlete's State Team Form (Please click to complete)
(Please complete the form by TBD)