Gymnasts, coaches and judges in need of ACRO Fiji!

As a member of the new Oceania Gymnastics Union, Fiji has been embracing gymnastics and what it can offer. Aerobic gymnastics has already been making wonderful inroads with skill development and routines, but it was time to add a complementary gymsport with Acrobatic Gymnastics. 

With support from The Fiji National Sports Commission and Oceania Gymnastics Union via International Gymnastics Federation development funding, l was able to go to Fiji to conduct workshops on ACRO, good practice for warm-up and foundation gymnastics skills to the wonderful athletes at Vou Dance and to those from HART/CROP.  Coaching and judging workshops were also conducted, and l attended their National Showcase Competition as a guest judge alongside one of the newly trained judges, Kunjal.

Fiji, specifically Nadi and Suva, had its challenges – wooden floors, jigsaw mat squares and the heat.  But these paled into the background as the passion of how each participant embraced each step of the trainings were such rich rewards for this expert presenter.  

Vou Dance: Such delight in stretching to get those splits (that’s the guys!!!) and the joy of learning acro partner skills, working over and over again to get it better.  The hardest part was trying to get them to finish the session – like all athletes, they want more and don’t want to leave.

My thanks to Sachiko and Michelle for their warmest of welcomes to the studio and laughing when l worked their students so very hard. Or was it the students that worked me hard?

HART/CROP : new athletes to it all, their mentor and coach Stino, Gymnastics Federation of Fiji (GFF) Sport Development officer, has a drive and energy that has no end. My thanks to him for his dedication to seeking knowledge and infecting others with it. His passion was evident at the GFF Gymnastics Competition & Showcase.  It was a pleasure to take part as a guest judge. The joy of performance, to be more fit and healthy, not only physically but mentally, was evident.

I am thankful to have played a part in all of this. It helped reinforce my belief in how gymnastics, in all its forms, assists us all. No matter the place, age or culture, it becomes the common language of all.

Wendy Treble – International Expert – Acrobatic Gymnastics