Working With Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent verification system

As part of the ongoing priority of and commitment to child safety within the sport of Gymnastics in Australia, Gymnastics Australia has implemented the second stage of its Working With Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent verification system with Gymnastics Victoria. This follows the roll out with Gymnastics Queensland last year.

Working with Dutyof.Care. all staff, volunteers, technical members and club personnel in Victoria and Queensland will now have their information validated weekly in both the National Gymnastics Database and with the relevant state government authority to ensure they continue to be authorised to work with children.

If at any time a card is revoked or expired, the automated system will notify all relevant parties immediately, ensuring there is no delay in notification.

Gymnastics Australia, CEO, Kitty Chiller AM, believes that ensuring our gymnastics workforce and volunteers are regularly checked is key to looking after the most vulnerable members of our community.

“With 91% of members under the age of 12, it is imperative we take all the necessary steps to keep everyone involved in our sport safe.

“All sports have an essential role to protect children, and this ongoing commitment from the gymnastics community is yet another example of how we continue to ensure we keep our sport safe and our participants protected,” said Chiller.

Echoing Chiller’s words, Gymnastics Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Robin O’Neill believes a whole-of-sport approach is key to ensuring our sport is safe.

Maintaining screening processes, including Working with Children Checks and the new verification system, is a vital step towards protecting the gymnasts in our community. Providing a safe environment for gymnasts is our highest priority.” said O’Neill.

Having piloted the program in 2019, Gymnastics Queensland Chief Executive Officer, Chris Rushton said that it was pleasing that there was such positive uptake from staff and members alike.

“It is a credit to our staff and members who also see the value and importance of this project and who were happy to work with us and Gymnastics Australia staff to implement this important safeguard,” said Rushton.

Further expansion of this program will continue throughout 2020 with Gymnastics Tasmania and Western Australia next to go live.

Gymnastics Australia recently launched a series of Child-friendly Codes of Behaviour to assist younger members of the gymnastics community to further understand the rules everyone must follow in order to keep our sport safe.

The Child-friendly versions of the Codes of Behaviour feature a series of clear and succinct Do’s and Dont’s, along with simple graphics to further demonstrate and educate children on their rights. To view these resources, click here.