Rhythmic Gymnastics State Championships Level 3-5
Sunday 19 September 

Session 1 
Level 4 Intermediate & Level 4 Senior
General Warm Up:  7.30 AM
Competition Start:   8.30 AM
Estimate Finish:     11.40 AM

Session 2 
Level 3 Senior
General Warm Up: 11.15 AM
Competition Start:  12.15 PM
Estimate Finish:       1.45 PM

Session 3 
Level 3 Junior & Level 3 Intermediate
General Warm Up:   1.00 PM
Competition Start:    2.00 PM
Estimate Finish:       4.30 PM

Ticketing Information 

All tickets must be purchased online prior to competition (no tickets will be available for purchase at the competition). Masks are mandatory for all attendees at this event, please read below points for all attendees.

$5.00 per session

Spectators may attend (Strictly 2 spectators per athlete).

  • Masks are mandatory for all attendees at this event
  • All attendees must wear face masks for the entirety of the event. Failure to do so will prevent entry or result in expulsion from the venue. Athletes on the field of play during competition are exempt from this requirement.
  • Children 12 years and under are not mandated to wear face masks as stated in SA Government Regulations.
  • All attendees must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the session you are attending.


Please click here to view Gymnastics SA Events in a COVID Environment Guidelines.