Upcoming Competition Information

  MAG Competition Information

MAG Level 1-10 Invitational Championships

SESSION 1: Level 5+
Warm up: 6.00 PM
Approx. Finish 10.00 PM

SESSION 2: Level 1 & 2
Warm up: 9.00 AM
Approx. Finish 12.30 PM

SESSION 3: Level 3 & 4
Warm up: 1.30 PM
Approx. Finish 5.30 PM

  AER Competition Information

  GfA Competition Information

Gymnastics SA Sanctioned Competition Information

Keep updated on all the upcoming events and competitions. See below all current work orders. 

Events in a COVID-19 Environment Guidelines 

Gymnastics SA has developed these guidelines and stipulations for Gymnastics SA run events. The guidelines may also be of assistance as a best practice guide to SA member clubs that choose to facilitate their own events  All clubs’ running a Gymnastics SA sanctioned event must consider their own circumstances, risk assessment and current State Government mandates. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the appropriate GymSport Handbook.

Please read the guidelines for all important information and practices for upcoming events.

  WAG Competition Information
WAG Level 1-2 State Challenge
Warm up: 8.20 AM
Approx. Finish 11.50 AM

Warm up: 12.40 PM
Approx. Finish 3.40 PM

  RG Competition Information 

 TRP Competition Information