Sport Management Committees

Each GymSport is managed by a Sports Management Committee (SMC). 
Each Committee will work with, provide advice to, and make recommendations to the GSA CEO or delegated GSA staff member/s on the delivery of strategic and operational outcomes for their GymSport.

The Sports Management Committees:

  1. Provide advice on the preparation of operational policies and regulations for approval by GSA;
  2. Review their GymSport’s performance and undertake forward planning against the GSA strategic plan outcomes
  3. Provide advice on and co-ordinate and implement technical regulations at all GSA state events

Gymnastics for All - Nominations for General Member (Casual Appointment)

Gymnastics SA would like to invite community members to join the Gymnastics for All SMC. This position will be appointed as a causal member in the General Member space. 

To nominate for this position please view the role description below and complete the nomination form. 

Aerobic Gymnastics
Emma Murray - Chairperson
Carly Constable - Coaching Coordinator
Kate Donovan - Judging Coordinator
Carly Fitzgerald - General Committee Member
Mariana Thomson - General Committee Member
Lovely Quiniones - General Committee Member


Gymnastics for All
Trudy Surman - Chairperson
Jo Davidson - Education and Development Coordinator (KG/GfA)
Frank Banks - Event and Community Activation Coordinator (GfA/KG)
Amanda Rodden - General Committee Member


Chairperson - Jemma Tilley
General Member - Laura Eustis
General Member - Karen Baxter

Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Owen Moulds - Chairperson
Nicky Walker - Event Coordinator
Joel Baldock - Coaching Coordinator
Peter Tyler - Judging Coordinator
Max Schulz - General Committee Member
Odette Haley General Committee Members

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Kara Foubert - Chairperson
Barbara Lyndon - Event Coordinator
Ksenia Leonova - Coaching Coordinator
Tanya Gibson - Judging Coordinator


Women's Artistic Gymnastics
Stewart Gresswell - Chairperson
Vacant - Event Coordinator
Alana Hughes- Coaching Coordinator
Meryl Davidson - Judging Coordinator
Danica Mladenovic - Talent Pathway Coordinator
Anne Bigham - Secretary
Kara Jeffery - General Member

Trampoline Gymnastics
Blake Gaudry - Chairperson
Amanda Agostinelli - Coaching Coordinator
Tammy Thomson - General Member