Become a Gymnastics SA Member

What is an athlete registration membership fee?

An athlete registration fee is a once off annual fee. This fee is broken down into 3 components:
  1. Personal Accident Insurance premium: This covers the athlete and in certain circumstances the parent if participating in a class for potential injury.
  2. Gymnastics Australia National fee: this fee is to support the national governing body to develop education pathways, competitive pathways, GFA programs and pathways (including KG) and club development resources. This also includes investment into Child Safety resources and staffing.
  3. Gymnastics South Australia State fee: This component of the athlete fee remains in South Australia. This amount goes directly into sustaining gymnastics in South Australia. The organisation invests this fee into resources to develop gymnastics, including but not limited to:
    • Education facilitation, processing and workforce upskilling.
    • Pathways and programs for our members to participate in.
    • Programs that promote and develop our sport.
    • Club development opportunities.
    • Lobbying to Local and State Government for greater investment into gymnastics, including facilities.
    • Financial management and administration of the state governing body and support for the community.
    • Ongoing investment into policies, procedures and resources to assist in our commitment to Child Safe environments.
    • Governance assistance and dispute resolution.
    • The operational delivery of the strategic direction of gymnastics, including staffing to support and deliver these outcomes.
    • Members will also gain free access to select Gymnastics SA events.

How do I become an Athlete Member of Gymnastics Australia? 

Gymnastics Australia welcomes membership of all gymnastics participants, taking part in recognised Gymsports, within affiliated Gymnastics Clubs throughout Australia. Affiliated Gymnastics Clubs are those clubs who have affiliated with their State Gymnastic Association Member.

Participants should be invited membership of their State Association and Gymnastics Australia upon enrollment with their affiliated Gymnastics Club. Each State Gymnastic Association is responsible for setting their own annual athlete membership fee, with Gymnastics Australia setting an annual athlete membership fee (which includes Personal Accident Insurance Cover as part of the National Risk Protection Programme) per athlete. The State Association and Gymnastics Australia athlete membership fee is usually presented to the member as one annual fee.

Why become an Athlete Member of Gymnastics Australia? 
Gymnastics Australia has in excess of 200,000 registered athlete members operating in over 550 Gymnastics Clubs throughout Australia. Collectively, the strength in athlete numbers provides Gymnastics Australia, with an opportunity to lobby the Australian Sports Commission for funding to conduct the activities of all gymsports. 

By becoming a member of your State Association (and in turn Gymnastics Australia) you are being counted as an active participant in Gymnastics and assisting Gymnastics Australia to meet your growing needs as an athlete. 

It is only when Gymnastics Australia knows who its members are, that it can actively contribute to improving the quality and standard of services to its members. There is much truth in the old adage... "strength in numbers".