Victor Harbor Gymnastics Club Spotlight


Recently, our Gymnastics for All Development Officer, Jo Davidson, visited regional club - Victor Harbor Gymnastics Club.

Victor Harbor Gymnastics Club offers Gymnastics for All/Recreational classes with some Women’s Artistic Gymnastics classes that have just got back into competing. They have had expression of interest in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics classes but are seeking a coach with appropriate accreditation.

The main goal for the club in 2021 is to create and nurture a thriving gymnastics community and ensuring that is will last for future generation of coaches and volunteers. A long-term plan is a main goal for the club, and they are working hard on how they are going to maintain the club for many years to come. The club continues to work on the relationship with important stakeholders (council, coaches, committee members) to keep the club growing and being supported by the community.

The club is excited to share that their main principle is “Move, Trust, Try”. The gymnastics programs are centred and delivered in a holistic way and includes circus, dance and yoga skills.

A fun fact about the Victor Harbor Gymnastics Club is that the club has been running since the 1940’s. A club patron who was a main driver in getting the gymnastics club up and running still has a strong connection with the club to this day.

We look forward to seeing Victor Harbor Gymnastics Club grow!