Fitter for Life

Try Fitter for Life at your Club!

The Fitter for Life program is part of the overall GfA message and can fit into a club’s expanding repertoire of inclusive programs. It is a program now being run by multiple clubs across Australia, who are developing their knowledge and facilities, to provide for the ever-increasing demographics gymnastics is targeting.

Benefits for Clubs: 

1.    The ability to utilise space in off-peak periods to create extra revenue and employment for coaches.

2.    Can help create a more community based, social culture within the club.

3.    Provide a less intimidating space for older people to exercise, compared to a weights/fitness gym.

4.    Once a regular class is stable, attendees will be committed to session, for a long time.

5.    Older adults are a great resource – they have vast experience and skills that can assist with events, coaching, judging and administration.

6.    Fitter for Life has shown a great parallel with Kinder Gym programs and has proven to be easy for its coaches to pick up and understand. This therefore provides opportunities to increase hours/income, all in the first half of the day.

7.    New faces can add vitality and vigour and provide enthusiastic and inspirational role models for younger members.

KinderGym & Fitter for Life:

- Fitter for Life is a platform to help people slow the decline of some of their physical capabilities, in the same way that these areas are being developed and strengthened in KinderGym.

- Grandparent Day – Grandparent/s can participate with the child they bring to KinderGym.

- Both classes can use the same equipment, therefore making transitions between classes/groups less time consuming and easier for set up.

3 different class options:

1. Stand Alone Classes – Set up and run when facility is not in use.

2. Side by Side Classes – Fitter for Life classes run alongside KinderGym, possibly using some of the same equipment.

3. Joint Classes – A combined Fitter for Life & KinderGym class, with both groups participating in most of the same exercises and circuits. Excellent for grandparents bringing grandchildren.

How to train your current coaches?

Coaches who hold an intermediate or higher-level Gymnastics Australia coaching accreditation and are a current technical member are eligible to attend a Fitter for Life Workshop and then start coaching.

Gymnastics SA is holding a Fitter for Life Coach Workshop on
Saturday, 8 August at 2.00pm – 6.00pm at Payneham Youth Club.