AeroSchools is a fun school based aerobic gymnastics program! At the end of this program (4 – 7 weeks) students will feel confident to perform a per-choreographed aerobics routine. Students will learn a range of basic aerobic movements to encourage participation and improve coordination and fitness.

Students will learn fundamental movements including Statics (body tension basics, core stability, and balances), Locomotions, Rotations, Spring and Land.

Aeroschools is a great non-equipment based gymnastics program that teachers can do within PE lessons, Dance lessons or general class time.

Aeroschools resources are available by contacting Gymnastics South Australia - [email protected] or via the Gymnastics Australia website.
Resources include:

- Lesson Plans

- Activity Cards

- Videos of skills and routines

- Music for routines

AeroSchools State Championships

Schools and students have the added bonus of being able to participate in the AeroSchool State Championships. Students can choose a level of competition that suits and they perform in small groups. There's no need for flashy outfits or expensive equipment, AeroSchools utilises a standard gym floor (e.g. wood) and wearing a sports uniform of shorts and t-shirt is all that's required!

If you school is interested in being a part of the SA competition please contact [email protected]