WAG Trans Bass - 10th November 2017

Trans Bass is used by SA for developing gymnasts to gain experience in travel and competition interstate, so that they can be more competitive within the State and at a National level.
  • Trial 1 - 26th/27th August 2017
  • Trial 2 - 16th/17th September 2017

1.                    2017 SA State Team members are not eligible to trial for Trans Bass as they have already gained experience with interstate competition as a state representative.

2.                    Trans Bass Trials are included with Teams Challenge (26/27 August) and the second levels 1-3 competition (16/17 September).

3.                    To enter the trials, gymnasts/families must sign an Expression of Interest form confirming that they are willing to pay approximately $1500 (the estimated cost of travel, accommodation, uniform, food etc.)

4.                    If entering as an individual in the Teams Challenge for the purpose of the Trial, gymnasts then pay a Trial Only entry fee

5.                    From the first trial of those nominating (Teams Challenge),  the top 15 in level 7 and the top 15 in level 6 will be invited to compete at the second trial – to be held with levels 1-3 second competition

6.                    It is anticipated that Trial 2 would be on either the Saturday or Sunday afternoon of the Level 1- 3 competitions.

7.                    The team consists of :-

·         the top six gymnasts in levels 6 and 7 

·         We will name a non-travelling reserve for each team

·         Team Manager

·         Head Coach plus 3 others (2 per team)

·         Judges (one, possibly 2)

8.                    Request from a club for a gymnast who can only compete in one trial – still to be eligible for selection.  Decision – if the circumstances are accepted, then we will use previous recent event score in addition to the Trial score.  Scores will not be doubled in these circumstances.

9.                    If a gymnast is a potential medal winner on an apparatus at Trans Bass and likely to be used for the Encore performance (i.e. best routine on the apparatus performed again i.e. counts twice) then we would consider them for the team, without regard for the overall ranking.